Wesley Girls PTA defends school for preventing Muslim students from fasting

The Parent – Teacher Association (PTA) of Wesley Girls’ High School in Cape Coast has justified a decision by the school not to allow Muslims students to partake in Ramadan fast.

This comes back  to the school and the M Methodist Church of Ghana which has disregarded an order by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to allow the students to engage in fasting.

In a statement, the PTA indicated that the parents of the students accepted that rule before enrolling the words and as such must not be coerced into compromising its long long-standing rules and regulations on t e basis of religion.

“The school should not be forced to compromise its rules and regulations to accommodate students’ individual preferences which border on religion. This is unsustainable.”

It added that: “the school’s undertaking was clear, among other things about the fact that the School is a Methodist School and that students will have to abide by the school’s rules and policies. Importantly, the school’s no fasting rule is non-discriminatory, affecting the students of all faiths in the school.”

The Association made a point that they are uncomfortable with the GES; directive because it could compromise the health of their wards thereby affecting their academic studies.

It has therefore also asked authorities of the GES to reverse the directive.

“We urge the GES to reconsider its directive to the School and all other schools in order to avoid a situation where there will be inundated with requests by parents and students on their individual religious preferences and practices”, the PTA said.