Mr. Edward Boateng, Ghana’s Ambassador to China has advised Ghanaian traders to work closely with the embassy to get in touch with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to enable them get goods from China to meet the demands of consumers in Ghana since it is unsafe for traders to visit the country for goods due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This came after GUTA- Ghana Union of Traders Association raised concerns of its members unable to access goods from China due to the outbreak of the novel virus and this could lead to possible shortage of goods or high prices of goods due to high demands.

He explained this is the process other countries have employed to meet the high demands of people in their various countries since the outbreak of the virus and that China which is a manufacturing power house can still meet the demands of people. However, it is much easier for traders who have direct contact with their suppliers to import their goods.

While speaking to Citi Business News on this issue, he said, “What we are trying to do is to mitigate the shortages in Ghana by acting as a conduit for some of our traders. We are working with some of the Chamber of Commerce in some of the various provinces. So, if people want to order, they don’t have to come to China. If you have your supply chain in process already, you can contact the Embassy; we will work with the local chamber of commerce to ensure that they can pay on your behalf once you pay them the money and make sure that you get the quality of goods that you want. Many countries are also doing same; so, we must understand that if you order for goods it may take some time.’’


Source: citibusinessnews