The Tema Metropolitan Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) says it is intensifying public education on the Coronavirus disease as traders in the area continue to flout the preventive protocol.

The Commission fears if education on the preventive etiquettes of the pandemic was not intensified, Tema, one of the COVID-19-prone areas in the country, could experience another wave of infections.

In an interview with the Ghanaian Times on Tuesday here in Tema, the Metropolitan Director of the Commission, Isaac Kwame Antwi, observed that some food vendors had refused to adhere to the COVID-19 safety measure of wearing nose masks.

This, he said, compromised the safety of those immediately consumed the food without further processing it.

He said randomly, traders whom they observed were not complying with the directive to wear nose masks were educated.

He, however, said while some welcomed the education and even immediately wore their nose masks, others gave various excuses why they would not wear them.

Mr Antwi said the excuses included the fact that they were tired of wearing them or the virus was no more in the country.

He said what was more disturbing about the food vendors was that even those who had the masks had pulled them beneath their chin, and from time to time rubbed their nose and mouth, an act that might pass the virus onto the food or generaaly contaminate it.

He mentioned some of the foods being sold under such conditions as ice cream, pastries, and boiled rice.

The Tema Metropolitan Office Director said water sellers did not comply with the COVID-19 protocol either.

He called on all the members of the public to adhere to the COVID-19 safety protocol to help in curbing the spread of the virus.

He also appealed to the public to pay attention to personnel of the NCCE and not be hostile because they were working for the good of the country.