Female Ghanaian rapper Ruth Amankwah normally referred to in the showbiz clique as Eno Barony has requested that individuals quit labeling female performers as ‘female artiste’ and that their male partners are simply alluded to as artistes which she trusts it isn’t reasonable.


Talking in a meeting with Arnold Mensah on Vibes in 5, Eno deplored that such tag in media outlets demoralizes females who need to go into the showbiz.


Eno who doesn’t see the motivation behind why specialists sort is vital for the business included that regardless of their sex, they utilize similar mouthpieces with the men.


“In as much as I’m female, I feel when they come computing female artistes, they are placing us in a container in such a case that you need to discuss artistes, since we’re all utilizing similar mouthpieces and similar stages and everything, you should tally artistes. Try not to come and state artistes and state folks and afterward come and state, female artiste.”



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