The University of Ghana (UG) branch of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has noted that the Public University Bill (PUB) introduced by this government threatens higher education and democracy in Ghana.

In April 2019, the government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education introduced the Public Universities Bill to Parliament.

But UG UTAG said the introduction of the Bill was unnecessary because it doesn’t help higher education in Ghana.

A statement issued by the UG UTAG on Wednesday September 16 said “the PUB violates the 1992 Constitution of our Republic. If passed into law, this new legislation would confer on the President powers that the 1992 Constitution explicitly denies him or her under Articles 68(1)(b) and 195(3). Through provisions in the Bill that give the Executive majority representation on the University Council and that allow the President to dissolve the Council, the President would effectively control universities.

“The new law would thus erode the protections that the Constitution grants universities in order that they can effectively carry out their mandate of teaching, learning, and research; academics would become beholden to the political party in power, either as a result of direct interference or through self-censorship, and would cease to be the source to which the media and public can turn for impartial analysis of government policies.

“Although in the interview on Oman FM the President did concede that the issue of University Councils required a second look, he did not indicate whether these clauses would be totally removed or merely tweaked.”


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