The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has stated that the electoral commission would be investigated when the party takes over office after the 2020 elections.

He explained that the Electoral Commission Chair Madam Jean Mensa her deputies and other officials of the Commission would be investigated and there would be possible prosecutions if some illegal acts and especially procurement irregularities are discovered.

“We will investigate everything that they have done. If there are sufficient reasons for them to be changed, why not? It will be in the service of the nation. Previously, we were of the opinion that procurement breaches can’t be a basis for Electoral Commission members to be changed. Now the court has established that procurement breaches can be used for change of membership. If Procurement breaches are found to have implicated any other persons who had otherwise been protected under the constitution, that person cannot have protection again. The reasons based on which the previous commissioners were changed, we still believe that they are not very good enough reasons for the commissioners to be changed. Now it has been established as a precedent so it will be easier for subsequent government to also begin to change.”

Source: citinewsroom