GH COVID-19 Tracker App has been launched to help in the country’s fight against the virus. The mobile app which is user friendly and easy to download will help in tracing and monitoring persons affected by the virus is powered by the Ministry of Communication.

The government will make the app available on Android and iOS platforms for downloads later this week.

During the launch of the App, Dr. Bawumia said, “It will help us easily track people with the virus, [and] those who have had contact with others. It is also useful in quarantine reliability, in case certain individuals need self-quarantine.”

According to him Ghana is one of the few countries to develop such useful technologies to support the fight against the virus in the country.

“We are ahead of the countries such as the USA and UK in this and we are also pursuing a strategy of aggressive testing. In terms of testing of the Coronavirus, Ghana, on the basis of the available data we have, is in the top 20 of countries in the world and on the basis of this data too, in Africa, we are number one per capita in terms of testing. In terms of numbers of tests, South Africa is number one and we are second but in terms of testing per capita in terms of testing per our population, we are leading in the continent.”

“We have tested 37,954 people and if you look at Africa alone, the data seems to show the total number of tests is under 10,000 and Ghana has tested 37,954 of the said number and we’ve increased the testing centres to six but what is significant with Ghana’s approach is we are chasing the virus and trying to get ahead of it,” he added.

The App will help track telephone numbers of people who have recently been to certain countries around the world. The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) will use the information to determine who to provide an extra layer of screening.

The App will also help in checking for COVID-19 symptoms and pertinent risk factors.

It will also answer COVID-19 questions as well as provide digital assistance.