The recent floods in the Northern region as a result of heavy rainfall and the opening of the Bagre dam of has led to Basic Examination Certificate Examination students in some areas being transported via canoe to enable them to write their exams. These students have been left stranded making this means the only option for them to have access to their examination centers to enable them to write their final exams.

Students had to pay an amount of two Ghana cedis to enable them to be transported to Saboba and walk a long distance to their examination centres.


The floods are reported to have destroyed many homes and properties, while at least seven persons have reportedly died.

“We were able to cross the river with canoes from our fathers back home,” Issah Zubiru, the School Prefect of Kpalba AP Junior High School, said, as quoted by Citinewsroom.

“We moved to the next community with seven canoes. We then met three other canoes in that community which transported us to the next community.”

“We had to pay GHS 2.00 each. We then covered quite a distance on foot. After some time, a pick up came for us, then a bus took us from there to Saboba,” he added.


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